Welcome to Dance Floor Refurbishments


If you are looking at purchasing new dance floors or replacing scratched dance floor panels, then look no further.

We offer a 5 star refurbishment service for all acrylic dance floor panels. We use a 12 step process which will bring your scratched dance floor panels back to new condition.

Why spend thousands of pounds replacing your old panels when all they need is a good seeing to by us. We can bring back the shine on all of your dull dance floor panels at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

This unique refurbishment service is relatively new and not available by the UK manufacturers’. We use a third party specialist refurbishment company devoted to transforming old tatty dance floor panels to a new state.

The images below are of the before and after shots of our very own hire stock. Neither of the 2 images has been modified in any way whatsoever! Please note that the white starlit dance floors look much better in the flesh - the image does it no justice buy hopefully you get the idea.

LEFT (before) RIGHT (after)

brefurb a dance floor


Left (after) RIGHT (before)

black led starlit dance floors for hire in Surrey

We offer this service for acrylic dance floors only. We can transform plain white, black and black and white, starlit floors in white, black and pink and also RGB acrylic floors.

We are currently undergoing tests to see how many times we can achieve a deep refurbishment before you would look to replace the dance floor altogether. At present, we have refurbished a colour commander floor 3 times which showed room for further refurbishment. We do know for regular plain and starlit acrylic floors, there would be opportunity for around 8 - 12 deep refurbishments or 40 - 50 light refurbs.

With this in mind, your dance floor panels can now last decades without the need to replace for new.